S(pr)ay What?

Small, tight-knit communities such as the Mennonites can have problems with genetic deficiencies, because of long-term inbreeding. It's called the founder effect. Apparently, the Amish ended up with a high incidence of extra toes and fingers. And if you think blue skin is too bizarre to be real, then read this.

I read in a book the other day that this is why Mennonites buy sperm from people outside of their communities.

Uh, really? This is the closest information I found... sketchy at best, but fascinating. There's also a lively message board discussion at Snopes. I need to research this more.


Emma said...

cousin jeff needs to read this. i remember trying to explain the extra digit to him & other cousins on m&d's back porch one family party many years ago & everyone thought i was crazy. never trust the anthropology major bwa-ha-ha.

robert severson said...

I was readin' about Argyria a few months ago...I think the most extreme (and more interesting) case is not of that Libertarian Senator wannabe from Montana, but of this woman.


Drew said...

that picture is crazy- i'd never seen pics of argyria. also, emily i'll fix jeff for you haha