You're Never Alone with a Clone (and MTV's Watch and Learn)

I wrote a story with the title of this post once. I stole it from a B-side by the Lo-Fidelity Allstars. I don't remember the plot, it may have either involved a boy with Argyria getting into a fistfight. Or it may have been about the existence of eskimos (do they pay taxes, etc.). Either way, the name came back to me this week when Missouri became the battleground for a fight on "cloning."

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As stated in Don't Think of an Elephant, Republicans did a great job using correct verbiage in their quest to win the fight. It wasn't about science, it was about trying to create an army of clones, Star Wars-style. Democrats did their usual thing, parading out a bunch of people with canes and saying, look, look, vote for us and there won't be any canes or any eyeglasses anymore!

Well it was split 50/50, probably because people just flipped a coin when they got to the polls. Cloning won when the last votes were counted, from St Louis County. I think the edge was probably just due to a slight imperfection in some coins around town.

Oh, and another interesting tidbit. At midnight on election night, both Senate candidates from MO were waiting on the results from St Louis county. The result had implications on the balance of power in the Senate, which in turn had implications for the balance of power in the entire government and furthermore on where our troops went and the stability of the world. How did it go? 50/50. Slight edge to the Democrats. Troops out of Iraq.

I'm not saying St Louis County is the 2006 Florida. It's just funny how close the world hit for one night. And don't ask me about my politics. I just like the people who throw pies in peoples faces and run a pig for president. I'll just say that everybody needs to relax. Bacteria clone. If people are so concerned about overpopulation, then fix it. No one really seems to be able to explain what angers them about cloning, except maybe the crowd that doesn't want babies created by methods other than intercourse. I mean, honestly...

I know this post runs on and on, so here's a youtube video that isn't relevant at all but it's a classic!


cassidy said...

OMG drew this is your best post ever! i finally got an insight into your political brain AND i got to view the best thing mtv has ever produced!!

...clever girl! lol (remember when we watched all 3 jurassic parks on 4th of july? great day for us, great day for America)

Drew said...

hahah it doesn't have the elevator one though hahaha "hey can you hold it please" haha