So Then the Great Barrier Reef is Just a Big Ol Dirty Skank...

hey, this kinda reminds me of when i worked at the grocery store and got products off the top shelf for little old ladies. they'd say "thank you, you have long arms!" and i'd say back "well i knew they'd come in hand-y (get it, haha) at some point."

except this is 10 times cooler.

oh, and on a side note, i remember somebody telling me once that dolphins jack off. to which i said "with what, a hole in the coral reef?" maybe this guy can open his own underwater massage parlor. just a thought.

ok, sorry that was gross. back to work!


Even the Priests are Iced Out in Nellyville

2/06/07 EDIT: It seems the P-D has dropped this story from its website. Odd, yes? Well here's what I can find online remaining of the story...

Priest robbed of his crucifix at knifepoint

By Bill Bryan

A Greek Orthodox priest was threatened with a knife and robbed of his large gold crucifix he wore around his neck in an incident Tuesday afternoon in the 3100 block of Hampton Avenue, St. Louis police said.

The priest, 46, was standing next to his car on a resturant parking lot about 1:15 p.m. when a man approached, pulled out a switch blade knife that had tape around the handle, and said, "Who do you think you are? (Blanking) Nelly?" The robber demanded the priest's crucifix and he and an accomplice ran down an alley.

The priest was not injured, but was so shaken that he had to sit in his car for about 15 minutes before he could call the police, police said. The crucifix has a monetary value of about $500, police said.

Here is some video from a local news station.

What have I done lately? Well, I worked on my game a little, and worked on my job a little, and my power went out for a few days, and things are just starting to settle back on down. I'm reupping at my apartment for another year and a third, just as long as my job is slated to go. Will I live here forever? No. But sometimes this town just makes me laugh.

Take this story. It took me a couple readings to get what's going on. But given the city's shaky relationship with its priests, I couldn't help but almost laugh. Honestly, I remember being a little kid and holding a gold chalice. I couldn't believe how rich the church was. Lil Jon's most ornate pimp cup is not even in your typical St Louis Catholic priest's cup's league. Remember that scene in Indiana Jones where the greedy evil archaeologists think a gold chalice was used at the Last Supper, whereas Indy realizes the wooden piece of junk is the real one?

Yeah that's what I thought of when I saw this story. Do priests realize how close to rappers they actually are? Except instead of hoes they bang little boys. Hmm, I see a new genre of rap here! Point is, what does a 500 dollar crucifix do that a 2 dollar one can't do. Tell me that and I'll feel sorry for the guy.