You'll be Flippin Real Estate Like it's Burgers, Man

Another big layoff, I know. Well here's the story, I found out that my job actually runs a year longer than expected, until May 2008, due to a reexamination of the grant I'm working under. Soon after, realizing it'd be nice to stay down the street, I reupped for another year at my apartment. Walking/using public transit is a blast and I'd recommend it for anyone.

So that brings me to 2007, which I rang in with over a couple nights at a casino and a bar. Somehow I managed to be healthier at the start of the new year than the end of the last year, thanks to drinking only orange juice on the holiday. I consider that a good omen. But as soon as I had wiped 2006 out of my eyes, I realized that it's possible nothing would change this year. I have my dreamgirl, a good apartment and job, and I just didn't see any changes on the horizon.

Well, so of course I had to mix it up right? I've been talking to some friends about advertising and how it affects our communities, and I'm thinking that if I take some classes I might be able to make some type of a difference at some point, with a non-profit group.

Here's the problem as I see it: I see a guy at the Metro stop wearing nice shoes. The shoes cost probably between $100-$200. Where is that money going? In today's economy, the odds are most of it goes back to a rich white dude. But think about what could be done with the money not spent on shoes and rims and all the material objects that are advertised in the cities. For instance, real estate. Real estate is like the crack game, but it's legal.

So my non-profit's goal would be to fight the idea that spending giving rich white men your hard earned money is a good idea. Something like a cross between thetruth.com and the whole white tees movement. I want to be a promoter of the adage that less is more.

So I'm taking classes this semester to figure out how to start right. Thoughts?