Sitar. Happier. More Productive.

So, I've said some crazy stuff after my "spells." Usually, I have no recollection of these quips, unless someone clues me in. Apparently I said "Oh calm down you old battleaxe" to my mom once. Well, my friend told me that I was talking/typing a little odd mid-seizure. Like what, I asked. I then realized that I have my chats logged, so... behold the glory of a brain malfunctioning. [I think I'd taken my liquid medicine by this point.]

S****a: haha i bet youre feeling just great right about now
me: like jorge harrison playing sitar with jeus chirist hisssssself]

Come to think of it, George Harrison always seemed to have that nice and relaxed vibe, you know?


New YewTubesday!

So I decided to resurrect this unpopular feature with a new twist. I'm going to put up a YouTube video, then have what an alien from outer space would say, if he/she/he-she (hey, aliens have weird nads probably) somehow had earthly Internet access. And really liked to frequent YouTube, but didn't quite understand humans through it. Ok, I hope that explains it... enjoy!

Thumbelina, the Martian midget hooker from Total Recall, would say...

"Wait... he's a midget? In reflective clothing? Is he single?"


You Learn Something Stupid Every Day!

Like this.

Oh, and the answer to last week's quiz was A. Looks like I have some spam to write! Now I just need a pen name...


FFF: Junk Mail Edition

Guess the spam headline that I didn't receive in my inbox.

A. Be and astronaut and rocket her to the moon
B. Hidden in your pants is a Hollywood story that is incredibly huge
C. More howls than you can shake a shiver at
D. Lost your college sweetheart to the quarterback? Get her back with this

Oh and no answer until some people guess... I'm looking at you, Eugene, Neil, and Emily. Since you all claim to have guessed every one of these...


Summery Summary

I went to Austin this past weekend. I ended up drunk on the plane and left my copy of the Brothers Karamazov (75% read) on the plane. It was 65 and sunny every day.