Sitar. Happier. More Productive.

So, I've said some crazy stuff after my "spells." Usually, I have no recollection of these quips, unless someone clues me in. Apparently I said "Oh calm down you old battleaxe" to my mom once. Well, my friend told me that I was talking/typing a little odd mid-seizure. Like what, I asked. I then realized that I have my chats logged, so... behold the glory of a brain malfunctioning. [I think I'd taken my liquid medicine by this point.]

S****a: haha i bet youre feeling just great right about now
me: like jorge harrison playing sitar with jeus chirist hisssssself]

Come to think of it, George Harrison always seemed to have that nice and relaxed vibe, you know?


cassidy said...

hmm its march drewy! march is almost over now, where is your march post???

Drew said...

it's up now, giddy!

Rachel said...

jeus chirist hisssssself? jorge harrison? playing the sitar? throw in aldous huxley and alex, the best massuese ever, and you've got a party.

Drew said...

I knew it came from somewhere! It was that article hahaha thanks Rachel... I hope you enjoyed your visit there too hahaha