S(pr)ay What?

Small, tight-knit communities such as the Mennonites can have problems with genetic deficiencies, because of long-term inbreeding. It's called the founder effect. Apparently, the Amish ended up with a high incidence of extra toes and fingers. And if you think blue skin is too bizarre to be real, then read this.

I read in a book the other day that this is why Mennonites buy sperm from people outside of their communities.

Uh, really? This is the closest information I found... sketchy at best, but fascinating. There's also a lively message board discussion at Snopes. I need to research this more.


Abracadabra Bro!

I knew I was pasty, but I didn't think I actually glowed white. Apparently I do, because today I was playing cards at lunch and itched my neck... only to have a moth fly out of my shirt and up to the ceiling.

I actually said "Did that moth fly out of my shirt?" Now I know how a magacian feels. The mystery is whether it was in my shirt this morning when I put it on, or if it found its way onto my neck when I was walking back from Bread Co. with my lunch. If it was on my neck all day, then I'm proud of it, because that means it took the Metrolink with me. In that case, it's like only 2 percent of StL commuters, according to an article today.

Moths still freak the hell out of me though, even if they don't have mouths.


The Wandering Rocks of the Central West End

Bloomsday is a week from tomorrow. I've always told myself that one of these years I'm going to down a few pints at Dressel's, the local pub while people read Ulysses. At least I thought that's where they read it. I can't find anything online about it this year. Hmmm..

I read it as a Junior in high school, and still have my copy, all marked up. Thank God for Cliff's Notes, because there were sections I wouldn't have understood at all if it weren't for chapter summaries. My personal favorite parts were the bawdy ones, since I was 17 at the time I read it. I still crack up thinking about Bloom getting caught staring up the butthole of a famous statue.

Chronicles of Granola

I started a new blog. You might be interested, either if you're a nutritionist or just a good old-fashioned stalker (I like both! haha). It tells the daily journey of food into my stomach, kind of like the Magic School Bus but without the oddly-dressed teacher. It's right here. See the very first post for an explanation of why I would do this.

EDIT 07-02-07: I deleted it, but it served a purpose in the end- it made me shape up my eating tendencies and I've never felt healthier than I do now. Well, save the McDonalds breakfast I had yesterday morning UGH