Abracadabra Bro!

I knew I was pasty, but I didn't think I actually glowed white. Apparently I do, because today I was playing cards at lunch and itched my neck... only to have a moth fly out of my shirt and up to the ceiling.

I actually said "Did that moth fly out of my shirt?" Now I know how a magacian feels. The mystery is whether it was in my shirt this morning when I put it on, or if it found its way onto my neck when I was walking back from Bread Co. with my lunch. If it was on my neck all day, then I'm proud of it, because that means it took the Metrolink with me. In that case, it's like only 2 percent of StL commuters, according to an article today.

Moths still freak the hell out of me though, even if they don't have mouths.


cassidy said...

HAAA i love that youre proud of your moth. im proud of you for not flinching like you do when i pick an eyelash off your cute face when youre not aware of it haaa

Drew said...

haha yeah i flinch b/c all those years of titty twisters and cow bites received in the smith house haha