If You Can Sweep a Mine, You Don't Have to Sweep a Chimney

I found out the difference between Wash U kids and Mizzou kids yesterday. I bought tickets to the VHS or Beta show and interrupted a girl's game of minesweeper. It was ON EXPERT! Does this mean Princeton kids play Spider Solitaire?


Amy in StL said...

Rolla kids play spider solitaire. Mizzou kids play regular solitaire on flip one unlimited.

Anonymous said...

On the expert level you have to guess at some point.

Drew said...

ahh those slick rolla kids.. and speaking of guessing.. i knew a kid who used to just click click click randomly on a beginner board just to try to solve it without using his brain. he got it in 4 seconds once, and was jawing about it for weeks.

thanks for the comments!