Something Wacky This Way Comes

John Edwards fathered an illegitimate child.
Jamie Lynn Spears is pregant (not by John Edwards).
Dick Cheney's office in the White House was on fire.
Dennis Kucinich's brother was found dead.
Tila Tequila didn't pick Dani.
And the lab is saying goodbye to someone (can't elaborate).

What kind of messed up 24 hours is this??? Well, as for my blog, it's been an upside down week. This is my fourth post in a few days. And I've generated a lot more traffic, too. Check out these search terms that have led people to this blog (all from the past week):

The Popular
water? like from the toilet (several vatiations)
About 50% of keyword visits!

The Obvious
the things you own end up owning you
argyria pics

50 year old women
hgh for a 50 year old
blog women 50 years
blog for 50 year old women
style for 50 year old women
50 year old women no children
10% of my total keyword visits? What the hell?

bear hibernation butt plug (several searches)
learned behavior spider monkey
computer bullfighting games

can i see some shaved gays
encino man will be back
unsolved mysteries in canada


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Anonymous said...

Drew, keep up the good work. Did you know that there was a little article in Rolling Stone about White Williams. I think they mention something about the album cover.