Something's in the Attic and It Smells... Musty.. Yeah, Kinda Musty

If I had to come up with a porno, you know like if a guy came up to me and put a gun to my head in a dark alley, and said "Hey, kid, use that great head of yours to come up with a plot for a porno, or your brains and that wall are going to get mighty well acquainted," I'd call it MOTHBALLS.

It obviously would star a half woman/half moth - her genetic makeup would be covered in flashbacks, showing actual "genetic makeup." This 1/2 and 1/2 (I'd call her Susie Roth (part moth)) would be inexplicably drawn to bright lights, moving from rural Kansas to the bright lights of Wichita. The obvious dances of love would ensue, and since I'd model it after the great Grecian dramas, it would be complete with a chorus (played by the Flaming Lips, obviously) and a tragic end to our heroine.

The tagline would be "Imagine 'the Fly,' if Jeff Goldblum had jugs, and cross it with Antigone... and you have MOTHBALLS"


cookiewonton said...

great choice with the Flaming Lips - Wayne would surely go for it - probably even help you produce - did he ever finish the Christmas on Mars thing or whatever it was called?

Emma said...

im not so sure wayne would be up for it unless you threw in an santa claus alien working at long john silvers, then he couldnt say no. so... who is the other character? im confused. is it just moth-lady?

Drew said...

Christmas on Mars is finished, from what I hear... it's showing at some festival in Washington, I think.

Emily, this whole crazy world is a stage. We are all actors, don't you see?