Get Paid, Get Laid, Get Raid(ed by Italian Police)

Dear Raymond Burke,

You, the Archbishop in Saint Louis, resigned from the Board of Directors of a hospital. Why? Well you said that Sheryl Crow promotes "moral evils"* in the form of stem cell research. And she's raising money for cancer at that hospital. It's kind of like how I don't go to the big business Catholic Church or give them any money, because they let known pedophiles sit on the altar.

So what's worse, sir, promoting (what 50 percent of missourians think are not) moral evils to raise money for hospitals, or promoting child molestation** to raise money for churches and golden chalices?

Drew Smith

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* Whether you think it's murder or not is your personal belief and even if you think it's murder you have to admit it's a confusing topic.
** I think we all agree child molestation is wrong.

He'd win the loser of the week if I hadn't read a few days ago that Washington University had been steering students to certain loan companies for kickbacks. Just like I saw them steering kids into a Monsanto propaganda wagon on campus. It'd be nice if kids got to hear the counterpoint on Monsanto before they start getting showered with free branded gifts. I almost starting talking to them about Europe and GMO's.


Anonymous said...

Drew, what's more indicative of the present state of the Roman Catholic Church: (a) the over-simplification of a complicated issue by classifying one position as simply "evil", or (b) the stark contrast between its official position on stem-cell research and its initial position on the church's own widespread promotion of child rape? -Neil

Anonymous said...

If you check out the official website of the Vatican (http://www.vatican.va/), let me know if you can find an official position on anthing. All I see are references to aesthetics and rituals.

Anonymous said...

Only a radical fringe organization (albeit one with one-sixth of the world population as members) could advocate that "every action which...proposes...to render procreation impossible [read: condoms, etc] is intrinsically evil". See Catechism of the Catholic Church, 2370. -Neil

Drew said...

i think it can all be summarized this way: the catholic church is a business. a necessary way to expand your business is by expanding the customer base. if they said BC was ok, they'd lose customers. (nevermind that there is an ceiling regarding the number of people the world can support)

Anonymous said...

Do you know if other Christian groups promote the same position on birth control? -Neil

Emma said...

did you actually send this letter to the archbishop? either: why not? or let me know when/if you get a response.

Drew said...

nah i didn't send it, i'm a wimp. and neil, i don't know the answer, you should look it up