The Running of the Tourists

Awhile back, I decided rather than blowing all my time playing video games, I should try to create one or two. Well, it's pretty easy if you know where to start, and I downloaded something called XNA. It basically allows you to throw a bunch of stuff on the computer and using a little bit of computer programming, it can all turn pretty fancy quickly.

Well I'm not a great programmer, but I consider myself a decent idea man. I drew some inspiration from Bullfight, my favorite underappreciated game of all time, and decided to make a game based on the Running of the Bulls in Pamplona, Spain. The original plan was to have you control the guy running from the bulls, in all of his red handkerchiefed glory.

After talking to people about this, I stumbled upon an idea. What if you could control the bull, too? Like, pick your side at the start and if you're the bull, you have to run around other bulls to impale runners. Maybe you have to impale tourists and avoid little Spanish babies wandering across the screen. What happened was the more I thought about this scenario, the more I realized that I should probably just focus on the bull aspect and forget about the runners. I haven't touched the thing in months, because I was frustrated a simple game wouldn't run on my laptop. Maybe they ironed that out in the past few months. And I can finally make it happen.


RØB said...

No question that that's a game I would play. Lemme know when it's done so I can join in the fun.

Personally, though, I think it should be one of those games where you can pick your side; choose to be the bull or the runner. I can't think of a good example right now because I'm majorly braindead, but I know there are examples of this "choose whether you want to be 'good' or 'evil' scheme" somewhere in video game history, and if they come to mind I'll let you know.

Was BULLFIGHT available for any systems other than original Sega?

cassidy said...

great idea to have to avoid spanish babies!! haa you might step on a few toes with that but who cares!!

Drew said...

bullfight was an arcade game only, from what i can tell. the classic example of picking "good" or "evil" is the x-wing/tie fighter series. in fable on the xbox you can make all sorts of dubious moral choices- my friend claims he destroyed his character by gambling all of his money away. i don't know of a classic example, but street fighter and fighting games in general allow you to pick your side.

haha and cassidy im working on putting in babies and women, etc. i think the way you die is going to be flower pots on your head, but i'm not sure yet.