Vampire Blues

So I should probably update my handful of readers on what happened to me last week. If you're feeling squeamish you should probably NOT read this, as it was traumatic enough to keep me away from my apartment for a week.

Basically, I woke up at 6 am a little stressed about things, a little bored with my job. You know, the usual deep thoughts you try to block out of your head. Well, before I could change my thought process, it was 6 or 7 at night and people were all in my room giving me medicine.

My back hurt like hell from twisting or falling, my teeth were a little cracked from falling or biting too hard, and my tongue was chewed to the point where I was on top of a bloody, puke covered pillowcase.

I thought I was pretty healthy before this, and before the last one I was even convinced I was somehow healing (see this). So it was a pretty big bummer, physical annoyances aside. Now I'm scheduled in to have my teeth fixed, my tongue is almost done itching as it regrows, and even my back might be ready for the co-ed soccer game on Sunday.

I decided to take a few positives from this, and one is that I need to be more social, I need to get out and maybe even consider a career change eventually. I lined up the GRE a couple Fridays from now. And I even decided that I don't have epilepsy that bad... so I jumped on the Epilepsy Foundation's website and figured maybe I could have something to offer people, and in the process maybe get something out of it myself.

One other thing- I finally got around to uploading the video of my "typical" seizure on to YouTube. So, if you're wondering, 0:17 - 0:11 is when it occurs, and I just keep looping through consciousness/unconsciousness. That is what wasn't treated with a little bottle of liquid last week. It evolved into something more major, and my memory is then wiped clean.


RØB said...

That's loco, man. But thanks for sharing.

Emma said...

i find comfort in the existence of your blog. as long as you are typing, mom wont be able to feed me lovinglittlelies. like when i was in morocco and baby died, but mom didnt just refuse to tell me, she purposely sent me photos of him saying he was doing well (luckily our big sister had already informed me of his 'kicking the can') blog or no blog: take care of yourself. im too far away for towels to reach between our rooms.

Drew said...

haha glad to help you guys