More Than Meets the Eyes, Adverts in Disguise

Anyone who reads this with any frequency knows that I have my pet issues, and one is my promotion of corporate responsibility in advertising. I'm also a fan of art, a form of expression that is exclusively human. Sure a computer or a monkey can paint, but not without human aid. Advertising and art have had a long and sweet marriage. You know this union as "product placement".

Reading the article, you'll be reminded of some of the great examples. ET pushing candy. Apple computers popping up in everything, logo to the camera. People never seemed to mind, I know I didn't until a few years back. But a funny thing happened recently. Multiple people mentioned to me that after watching Transformers, they realized it was "just one big commercial."

[Apparent clip from the movie... Note the Micro$oft Xbox 360 and the Mountain Dew]

I started to think to myself that maybe the days of product placement were dwindling. A few years back, no one said anything about placement in "Harold and Kumar Go to White Castle." I realized that my friends didn't really mind. They were giving a movie review, not social commentary. But one thing is for sure: some movies are more advertising and less story, more bought and less thought. And hopefully people will find a way to give art back its uniqueness. Because can you imagine if Basquiat were around today?

What a bastardization. But then again, Nike would have paid for his drug habits.


cassidy said...

i liked this writing. it was brief but to the point. i also agree and i hate it! haa i hate noticing product placement because it just starts to piss me off. i'm not a consumer who is easily duped and I dont need to constantly be told that attractive people drink a certain beer produced here in stl. i wont even say its name!!!!

Drew said...

haha you're like truman in the truman show when he snaps about the product placement on his show!