Programming You Can't Set Your Watch To

I'm about 4 or 5 posts behind lately, so I'll bang out two for one. First off, sometime in the past month, my mom, dad, brother (and by consequence, his son) have all watched episodes of the tv show "Cheaters." Oh you've seen it, it's the one that plays on a station that doesn't come in right, maybe only when a tornado hits the area. Or maybe it's on the station that has Mass 12 hours out of the day. But the gist of the show is that somebody knows their spouse/significant other/ex is cheating on them and the SWAT team of Joey Greco collects a weeks worth of PDA in Mickey D parking lots to prove it.

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After the viewing, or "consultation" (there are also "dossiers" and "briefing" sections to the shows), there's a confrontation between the cheater and the person cheated upon. Well, I've seen plenty of episodes, and let me just say no two confrontations have been alike. Once I saw a confrontation in a club, where the dude ran into a bathroom to avoid the show's thugs, only to be followed, and have a bunch of guys at the urinals yell at his girlfriend. Then they bought him shots.

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There was another confrontation on a soccer field where a high school soccer game was stopped as a CHOPPER flew overhead, beaming the cheaters fleeing on foot. As if the two people making out needed the entire force of the LAPD! But I don't mock, because as illustrated in this infamous confrontation, Cheaters isn't just exposing the seedy underbelly. It cooks the seedy underbelly and serves it in a nice dish!

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This brings me to my next point. When I was in Columbia a few weekends ago, I got hooked on their local access channel, CAT 3TV. CAT TV is a station that usually plays little banners with some nice shadow font in pastel colors that say "Bakesale to Benefit Hickman High" or something. But for some reason they were playing Gangster Rap videos the night I flipped by it.

The first video, and I wish I'd gotten the name of the group, involved a drug deal atop a parking garage (one on Cherry St no doubt). It was between the dudes in the rap group and an female Asain gang that drove red Dodge Neons, as in, souped up '98 Neons. Anyway, there was a briefcase full of cash and it was a decent beat. It reminded me of BET around 3 am on the weekends, which I can't get anybody to watch anymore. Anyway, I found this vid online, I think it might have been these guys, I mean, how many rap acts does COMO have?

The second thing I saw was the next morning, and it was some show about a guy's search for a band in Moberly, MO, a small town just up the road from Columbia. There were tons of interviews with people who just talked about how the only thing to do in Moberly is drugs. There was a kid who said, "Well, I'm sure I'll be here when I grow up, workin' in a factory, hangin out with most of these numbskulls, drinkin'." Or something like that, and it just kind of hit me, it was a really interesting show, I'll have to check it out more next time I'm in town.

If I can squeeze it in between episodes of Cheaters.

PS Cheaters now has a dating service. For people who don't cheat. Good Luck!
PPS I don't think the link works


cassidy said...

ohhhh joey greco! haa thats where you got that from...man, i forgot we had blogs yesterday! lol

Drew said...

hahah you never update!