Sometimes You Wear Stretchy Pants in Your Room

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I came across this blog when I was trying to find The Golden Book of Chemistry Experiments. After a few minutes on this blog, you notice that the blog hosts files to help you out in any situation. For instance, if you go back into the blog's archive to 9/10/06, you can find the full new version of Labview (what I use to write my programs on here, but newer), a password "grabber," a documentary about jumpers from the WTC towers, and even a DVD version of Nacho Libre. My favorite is downloadable love letters for the man who doesn't speak English so well. But hey, if I'd met Cassidy and she spoke Swahili, then who's to say I wouldn't have Googled "blank Swahili love letters."


cassidy said...

aww if i spoke a different language id have to find a little child that spoke tha tlanguage and carry them in my front pocket so i could find a way to speak with my lover!

Drew said...

haha that's your second people in pockets reference today, if you count the honey i blew up the baby incident