Why Eat with a Steady Diet of Arcades Around?

Two things I have to try:
1. Black Thorn Pizza
The alleged best pizza in town that takes 45 min - 2 hours to cook ONCE YOU'VE BEEN SEATED. Guiness on tap, Missile Command in the arcade... I just hope they have pizzeria style red plastic cups.

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2. 1984 Arcade
Springfield, what's up. Apparently the trend in arcades now is to charge a cover, and just turn the dip switches to 0 cents per play. Personally, I used to not eat on vacation if I had a nice handful of shiny quarters in my Umbros. I mean, no contest. So this kind of setup is designed for me. The type of person who'd hide a salami sandwich in his jeans pocket and play Hard Drivin' and Star Wars for 6 hours. A piece.


cassidy said...

youre actually the kind of guy who takes his sandwhich outside with him when he moves his car to the street. i like those kinds of guys :) ...ps hows about we go to that slow cookin pizza restaurant? maybe not this time but soooooon!!!

Drew said...

hahaha you never know who's gonna take a bite, parallel parking takes 1 min, thats like 3 hearty bites

Anonymous said...

As the owner of 1984, I just wanted to say that I am glad that you enjoyed yourself! :)