Redirection... Slippery Slopes Ahead!

I had a post drafted about the Super Bowl and the end of the era of hero worship... but let me just redirect you to this article on No Mas. It captures what I was trying to say exactly.

And vice versa, here's a bit about selling the old to new people. I was in my Marketing and Institutional Advancement (of a Nonprofit) class and my teacher was using an example of how to market sugary cereal to kids. A woman asked, "Are there any ethical concerns about this? It's unhealthy, right, and the kids don't know what they're wanting, and about nutrition." To which the teacher replied, "Well, it's a slippery slope if you start telling advertisers what they can and can't do." Really? Well, see I didn't ask the question because I knew a PR answer would emerge. But using the "slippery slope" argument is just lazy. Sloping to what? Banning advertising? I doubt it. Coming to some sort of compromise about a moral code by which humans should live, and stopping there? Yeah.

The next time a cop pulls me over I'm going to say, "Hold on, Ponch, it's a slippery slope pulling me over, telling me what to do. Next thing you know you'll be stopping me from eating cookies before bedtime. So just a warning, ok bud?"


eugene said...

i posted a comment on that no mas blog about aeneas...i think it's a bit too disjointed, my comment not their post

Drew said...

haha it was good man, your comment