So lately I've been brushing up on cocktail conversation topics on Wikipedia. You know, like cults, serial killers, and drugs. Things that can keep a conversation going after it starts to trail off because no one knows for sure why Ted Bundy became a murderer. Next time this happens, just drop another ice cube in your Manhattan and say, "Well, it could've been the tap dancing grandpa, but my guess it was the fact that he was led to believe his mother was his sister for a good part of his life."

The amount of information on Wikipedia is astounding, many many times any encyclopedia ever, even though you run across lots of "joey blanco is pwnned suxxors" 1337 speak. Don't know what 1337 speak is? Look it up, holmes, right here. And granted, a lot of it is slightly incorrect, as the Onion made light of in this picture.

But as some people know, I have a little illness that is so rare that it isn't in Wikipedia. So what to do? I created a page here, and then linked it another page. You could edit it for some laughs, like Stephen Colbert. But then I'll have to pwn you.

EDIT: as much as I (don't) want to put my face on the page, I've thought about taking a video of myself having an episode next time it happens. Cassidy plans to if she's there, but since they happen once every 3 months, it might be a month or two before you see my youtube video of this linked from the page, haha.


Anonymous said...

Hey Drew, Ted Bundy shares the sister/mother characteristic with Tony Polar from "The Valley of the Dolls".

Drew said...

ah, I knew it was familiar... although I haven't read my copy yet, I must've picked it up from the movie.