Steal these Thoughts

Two ideas born the past few days.

1. Go into a mall and put stickers on the map of the mall that say things like "garbage" and "more junk you don't need here!"... the problem is that they'd have to look professional enough to blend in for a few hours at the place.

2. Make a new version of Steal This Book for the digital age. Give advice on how to get free things and how to stem the corporate tide. Sections on how to get free entertainment, education, health care, etc. And don't copyright it. Just make it available for download. In a variety of formats.

Also, maybe start up a gossip mag about the paparazzi. But it's hard to do that in Missouri.

Any tips, ideas or comments?


cassidy said...

i like the way your skinny big head thinks!

Drew said...

haha i like the way your little ears listen hahaha