If a Bear Sh!ts in the Woods..

Here's a fun fact I just found out. Have you ever wondered if and how bears take dumps during the hibernation season? I never wondered, or even thought about it. But apparently, they eat lots of food, creating a "tappen," which according to Wikipedia, is an organic butt plug. It's stated in the article that they are "often passed with great pain in the springtime." Uhh, that explains a scene from Grizzly Man..

(skip to 1:50-2:15)
(I apparently can't embed this video)


cassidy said...

youve been loving the poop jokes lately...could it be related to a recent interest in metamucil?

Drew said...

uhhh maybe..

Rachel said...

how appropriate that you wrote this on emily's birthday, right as she was reading a book about composting human manure, or "humanure"... maybe it has something to do with all the dog food you two ate.