Am I Moving to Europe Next Week? Survey Says.. No haha

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I had a quarter life crisis last week. But I ran across a pic from the week of my birth, early August, 1981. Look at Wikipedia's entry on the year and take a look at all the stuff that was going on 25 years ago.

-A goofy republican becomes president, uses controversial policies & tactics
-Terrorism in the Arab world
-Soccer hooligans stampeding
-CBS Evening News makes a big deal about a news anchor
-Bob Marley dies, but his legend lives on
-IndyCar/Nascar racing controversy!
-HIV discovered
-Wheel of Fortune goes on the air
-Prince Charles's love life is in the tabloids
-MTV starts broadcasting
-Nuclear weapon negotiations
-Two future "You Got Served" stars are born the same week I am!*

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The point is, what's changed? Um, besides people. Haha, early 80's fashion is back and has anything in my lifetime really shaken the world, besides the Internet? Honestly, the only difference is that instead of a billion people watching Prince Charles's wedding to Princess Di on TV, they read the tabloids online**. Instead of people waiting for 2 hours to see the LL Cool J video on MTV they just download it in minutes. Information is faster.

I guess it's uplifting in the sense that 25 years in terms of the world is just a blink. I like to think that I've done some things. Seeing how the world is just like a kid who won't move out of their parents basement and get a job makes me feel better about myself. No more quarter life crisis.

*Meagan Good and Roger (from Sister, Sister). How do I know? Yep, 23 years later I saw the movie on opening night. I didn't dance in the aisle, although I should have.

**Man, K-Fed got his ass handed to him on the WWF the other night...


cassidy said...

quarter life crisis.......wow you really are a quarter! haaaa aw drewy dont fret my dear sweet, we'll break out the photo album and show you all we've accomplished....cant believe i was so late reading this one! whenever you sneak this in on fridays, im so focused on gettin snacks for you to arrive i forget to check!!!

rachel said...

ohhh, baby drew. you were so tiny! it seems like just yesterday the hot air balloons were landing at the bottom of our hill. how funny, i still have that shirt.

Drew said...

yeah i need to scan in a lot more photos of my childhood, there were some great ones, like the one of neil and i beating that nintendo game (we were trying to get in the pages of nintendo power magazine)

hahaha rachel you were tiny too! haha yeah what was with hot air balloons always landing in our neighborhood? didn't that happen almost every week? yeah, i still feel sorry for biting a hole in dad's neck that time when i was a baby and we went up in one.