I Dream of Encino Man.. .and That 2000 Calorie Burger from Friday's

I had a dream not too long ago, which involved skywalks from high rises in a city. I'm not sure what happened exactly in the dream, but I do know that it was futuristic and that there were skywalks connecting every building to every other one, making the landscape look like an arrangement of Tinkertoys.

The reason I bring this up now is because of the sidewalk outside work. I can't help but think of this dream every time I get on or off the metro. I go past a sidewalk that's been "cleared" of the bus crowd (they wait in a parking garage, that's another story) and I always see a couple health officials scurrying by on one of the many skywalks around the hospital buildings.

You know those science fiction films where everyone had a flying car, like Back to the Future 2? I don't think that will happen. I mean, look at the guy in the picture above... why go downstairs and walk 20 feet past him playing "The Times They Are a-Changin'" and tell him you don't have a buck, when you can just invest in a skywalk! During those 20 feet you can almost imagine the climate changing randomly occuring outside. I think things will continue like this. I picture it more like Blade Runner or Final Fantasy VII (Hah, I'm a dork!), where a corporation exists high above the unwashed masses, and interaction between the two is minimal at most.

I mean, if they could build a city in the sky, wouldn't they? What about the Hollywood Hills- it's known that monkeys feel power only when they're given a higher living position. So of course Pauly Shore will only feel successful when he can pee off his balcony (metaphorically) onto everyone below.

Sorry this post is kinda dismal, maybe it's the weather. Um, I mean, Go Cards! Team Chemistry hasn't been this high since... well you know...

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Ronnie Belliard's tongue and Weaver's new-found meth habit seem to have paid off! The Cardinal fans at the game last night were just... well they looked like they were looking for a skywalk to the nearest TGI Friday's. They should try that burger with the fried cheese on top, good God it's good!


cassidy said...

first off...tonight coming back from a "beard" run to walmart, i looked up in the skywalk from the hospital and a man in a wheelchair was with his wheelchair-pusher-friend...and i thought how sad it was how excited he was to overlook the people speedin away with their walmart bags in back!
second off...matt morris is great
third off...jimmy matchbook should be a character in one of your stories!
fourt off...i love our Fridays dates, cant wait for another one!

Drew said...

haha oh yeah that skywalk is sort of necessary though, because i can't imagine people trying to run across broadway with their IVs haha... although it wouldn't surprise me