So a Lawyer and a Spider Monkey walk into a Bar...

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So anybody who wants to make a roadtrip and is near Springfield, MO might want to check out the Exotic Animal Paradise today or tomorrow. Apparently they're selling off some animals from the park, and trust me, this will be your only chance to ever have a lemur. Endangered species are kinda like that.
Here's the basic news story, which sort of skims the surface. And there's also an unflattering entry on the park from a animal rescue blogger which, given a pictoral tour, is much more convincing. There's also a video on the News-Leader's site showing the spider monkey (named "Spidey") and other animals that they will be auctioning.

In related Springfield news, if you're passing through and you just happen to run afowl of the law, call my bro. I'm sure he knows the animal laws down there from Aardvark to Zebra.


cassidy said...

can i get a big cozy bear? do they sell grizzlies???

Drew said...

hahah i don't know i'll look up how the sale went and post a follow up, baby.