Double Speak

I haven't posted in awhile. What have I been up to? Well, for starters I dressed up like a girl for one of Cassidy's photo project. This is probably one of the least embarassing...

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After that I had to turn the tables on her- it always evens the score a little. I don't know what my artist statement was here. So I'll shoot from the hip.

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"Society today has become withdrawn. We don't look each other in the face. For example, some of the most emotional music nowadays is dubbed 'shoegaze' because of its listeners' tendency to stare at their feet while listening to such music, rather than connecting with each other. In my picture, I show someone with dominating shoes and nothing else. In this way you cannot avoid her, even by looking at her shoes."

Oh yeah, Halloween was fun too. I was supposed to be baby Bill Clinton. I pussed out of wearing the diaper, seeing as I'm pasty as.. well toothpaste. But my onesie looks like a prison outfit. So I guess I was jailbait. Here's me dancing a little to Thriller. I think I may have breakdanced then humped the floor soon after.

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