"Really? Monkeys?"

People ask me all the time, what do you do Drew, other than being cool as hell? Well, I can point you to the Research part of the website for my lab, the one I should be maintaining. If you know any good books on Html, that go from the ground up, with a few tutorials, let me know. Online would help, too. Or there's this. Just search for "Thach" and you'll find a little blurb.

Oh, and specifically, if you want to know what I do, it's hard to describe. But if you're the gimmie gimmie type, I guess the best description would be that I'm programming something like the videogame Pong and spending obscene amounts of time looking at eye movements.


cassidy said...

ohh drewy, you always show me up with you and your fancy videos...and yes, you are hella cool haaa ew gross i cant talk like a gangster boo anymore!

Drew said...

hahah you'll always be a gangsta boo as long as you have your JLO hoop earrings

tyler said...

damn. where have i been? finally checked comments on my site and found this.

sorry i've been MIA. I've become one of those workaholics i used to make fun of.

it's midnight on a weeknight, rachel is asleep and i just finished part of a freelance job... so it goes.

regardless, i may be moving out of the CWE soon (mid november). we need to hang out before then. tried finding your email on here, but didn't have any luck.

Drew said...

hey ty i sent you an email at the address on the website you're linking to here. let me know if it doesnt work.