Bolton, Buntin' and Stankin'

1. I just saw this guy downstairs (at my work) who looks like John Bolton. No small feat for the doppleganger, as Bolton looks like this:

2. My little sister and I used to do this thing called "belly bunting." In order to belly bunt, you had to puff out your stomach, and then sort of run at each other, trying to knock over the other one. I find no reference to this through google, so I can only assume that we invented it. I should patent it, it's like a cross between joust and red rover.

3. Chicken makes your farts meatier, according to credible sources. So I've switched Cassidy to a chicken less diet for her last week in Saint Louis.

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Emma said...

maybe i was cheating, but i always put a pillow up my shirt. or am i reminiscing about "midget wrestling" ... either way patent this big brother! then you can afford a trip to visit us :) why do i automatically assume that owning a patent makes you rich?