First-Person False Fact Friday

I know, this one's half-assed. But I'm committed to this Friday thing and I'm busy working for my brother today. So grin and bear it haha

Which one is not true?
A. I was given a $10 gift card this week from Wal-Mart... for doing nothing.
B. I'm going to a roller rink tonight... but I can't skate
C. I watched 2 girls 1 cup the other night... and couldn't sleep afterward.
D. There was a guy in a stall in my work bathroom. He was talking business in a foreign language, but all I could make out was "Fed ex." And he was definitely taking a dump simultaneously.
E. A monkey brain is sitting on a jar on the lab's lunch table.


Drew said...

Oh, almost forgot the answer.. it's C, but i probably will subject myself to the video at some point. I just need to psyche myself properly. There are honest to god websites that tell you that you should trick yourself into thinking it's fake (e.g. chocolate)

Although, since I feel incredibly tired... B is looking doubtful.

And E.. well don't worry, I will revisit the topic.. all in good time.

eugene said...

3 for 3! If you do go tonight, you're supposed to call stephen

Drew said...

ahh man i have to ramp up the difficulty.. and not that it matters at this point, but it's 1130 and i uhh just got out of happy hour, rollerkegger sounds a little dangeroso right now

Rachel said...

you did not!!!