The First False Fact Friday!

Subject: Writer/Director Vincent Gallo

A. Vincent Gallo used his personal website to sell his own semen. And his services in personally fertilizing a woman.
B. Vincent Gallo is a Republican.
C. Vincent Gallo served in the U.S. Marines for a brief period in the early 1980s. He was so distraught over the death of friend Jean-Michel Basquiat that he wanted out of action, and was given a dishonorable discharge.
D. There existed a $500 t-shirt with Vincent Gallo's face on it. Gallo required prospective buyers to fill out an application to purchase said garment.
E. Vincent Gallo dated Paris Hilton. And gave her VD (probably).
F. Vincent Gallo was a Calvin Klein underwear model.
G. Vincent Gallo put a curse on Roger Ebert's colon after Ebert showed considerable disgust for "The Brown Bunny" at Cannes. Ebert got colon cancer soon after. Gallo recanted, and the two squashed the beef.
H. Vincent Gallo was in a Rap Group named Trouble Deuce ... his rapper name was "Prince Vince"

Which one is a lie?? Answer in the comments section!

Should I make this a regular feature on here?


Drew said...

C, Suckers!! haha

cookiewonton said...

I was guessing E. would be false regardless of the fact that Paris is a ho, since I thought he was friends with Basquiat (though didn't know anything about the Marine thing). And would like to add, if I may (I've been meaning to write about this actually, and may still), I. Mr. Gallo has been haunting my dreams for about a month now and showing up apropos of nothing in odd places (which made it really weird to see him here). These dreams for some reason often involve Jack Tripper and other Three's Company alumni and have a violent theme (tying people up, pouring of gasoline, lighting a match, you get the picture).

Drew said...

Well, in fairness... I did add the VD part, but I'm pretty sure it's true. Haha, but that stuff about your dreams is creepy, I suppose it makes sense though, because he's creepy and he's apparently popped up in so many movies, and made movies, and been in bands, and made art, and made CDs, and now is apparently making babies. Plus he's a weirdo, which means he'll be terrifying in any context, whether dreaming or awake.

If you're wondering about my motivation for this journal entry.. I just saw something that said that "The Brown Bunny" was partially filmed in St. Louis, and I remembered that I'd only watched about 15 minutes of the thing before turning it off. Sorry for reminding you of haunting dreams, though, that blows!