Find the False Fact Friday

A. I'm going to watch a cheesy sci-fi marathon consisting of Highlander, Star Trek, and something else on MLK day
B. There's a species of banana slug that has a penis 5 times longer than its body length, the largest ratio on earth.
C. An answer of mine was picked the best answer to a question about relationships on Yahoo! Answers.
D. Dostoevsky, by all accounts, was a big asshole.
E. A world class pianist was caught with steroids.
F. A female friend of mine was hit on by one of the guys from Perfect Strangers (not Balki, but Larry)


Drew said...


In regards to C, here's the link: http://answers.yahoo.com/question/?qid=20080114141511AAyWXUM

Drew said...

maybe this link works better

Pancake Master said...

Wow, you mean Mark Linn-Baker? He was born in St. Louis. Too bad that one isn't true.

Also, good job on the Yahoo! answer.

cookiewonton said...

aw man, I was gonna guess D. I always imagine his temperament to have been like Alyosha's...

Drew said...

Rob - thanks for the info, I'll look for his star in the Loop next time.

CW - From what I can tell, he was more like Ivan with a mean streak, or Rogozhin. I guess "asshole" wasn't the right word, maybe I should've said "jerk," in that, he was sent to Siberia not for that sort of hippie protesting we know and love. It seems as though he was a little bit more of the molotov cocktail throwing type of protester... I'm going to find where I read that, though, and double check. Alyosha is going off the deep end where I'm reading in the book haha

Thanks for the comments.