Back in 94

Big day for Brazil. First, word from the Sun in the UK is that Ronaldinho's lackluster play was a result of late night rendez-vus with a French model, not to mention playing FIFA 2006 WC on the PS2. Let me tell you, playing video games and chilling with the fairer sex til 5 am does drop your day time game a little. That's why I was in Fluid Mechanics 3 times. But have no fear, Brazil fans, DUNGA is going to be the new boss of your squad! That's right. The guy whose name I once saw on a young Brazilian girl's forehead in permanent marker* in 94, when Dunga fed Bebeto, that little baby rocker.

Ah 94, what a Cup that was. I remember seeing the US tie Switzerland in the Silverdome, meeting some Swiss dude who wore a leather jacket in 90 degree heat named Jacques. OJ was fleeing the cops on TV, and Blue Jays pitcher Juan Guzman was trying to shed groupies in our hotel lobby. Guzman was slick, he claimed his mother was with him. He still got torched the next night at Tiger Stadium though, so the moral of this post is women.... can't win with 'em can't win without 'em. Just ask Jimmycakes Edmonds.

*Creepy, kinda like that part in Cecil B Demented when the dude is such a rabid fan of a star that he carves her name into his head with a knife.


cassgiddy snuggles said...

i think you can win with women! hey, you finally passed fluid mecanics didnt you? :)

Drew said...

hahah third time's a charm on both accounts