Hey, Junkie!

So I was waiting out last night's storms in Wildwood, MO in a basement and the local weatherman kept bustin into local programming for some damage-porn. Like "Hey look at this sheet metal on the road," or "We've got some overturned tractor trailers on 270," as if he's a carnival barker telling us about a smoking monkey. Then they did the drill where they zoom in on each individual neighborhood, like some place called OLYMPIC VILLIAGE, MO. Suffice to say, they show lots of little storms and storm paths that didn't really concern 99.99% of the viewing area. So what do people watching do at this point? Take their eyes off the screen. And you know what I noticed? The Doppler Radar doesn't have ads, it's one of the few spaces nowadays like that. I hate the pervasiveness of advertisement as much as Naomi Klein, so don't get it twisted. I just found it bizarre they hadn't sold off the real estate yet. Think about it, they tried to put Spider-Man on the baseball diamond, a spot more sacred to Americans than a church. About the only thing I'm in favor for is that genius "Million Dollar Homepage."

On another note, I'm starting this thing to combat boredom, There won't be any cohesive element to my posts whatsoever. To prove my point, here's an interesting article about how people perceive animated figures differently, in relation to "A Scanner Darkly."

The title of the page refers to the fact that I don't take any of this too seriously, I'm just trying to start a little conversation, and that usually the internet isn't more than just an endless, faceless skid row. Finding a typical, intelligent conversation on the internet is difficult at best. And I promise I'll keep the damage-porn and advertising to a minimum.

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