Cassidy and I saw Miami Vice on opening night on the biggest screen in town. My favorite part was seeing all the 50 year old dudes in floral shirts wanting to relive the glory days of Don Johnson and Philip Michael Thomas. Well, I was there for Gong Li and guns, everybody, I'm not going to lie.

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Then we cruised to the landing for a while before they kicked everybody out of my favorite bar. That crowd was fun, they were going to the East side to party more even though we'd had enough at about 230 am.

Got a suit, and thus became a man. Nursed a hangover, and ate BBQ with Cassidy's fam. I even watched "This Old House" with her dad. Then went to Soulard for a couple birthday parties. It became apparent that a few people in the party, over the phone, and people who didn't return calls were uncomfortable outside a certain radius beyond their homes in West County. Quite a change from the night before when people had driven an hour into the city to party and had stayed out all night. We ended up at Lucas Park Grille, a trendy place I'd never been. It was the type of place you can almost drown in the "Where'd you go to high school?" questions.

Played God of War on the Playstation, where my character managed to kill some massive Loch Ness monster thing. He then climbed into the thing's mouth to get a key off a drowning (in the thing's stomach) man. Then he got wasted and in a menage a trois, all in good ole ancient rome.

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Then I watched baseball and an indy car rain delay ("Helio might get deported") and went to the Cahokia Old-Tyme Music Fete. In a twist, I passed the Eastside, including all the strip clubs and the Oz to get to the festival. My boss socked it to the power company and played an excellent version of "House of the Rising Sun" with his band, Taum Sauk. Capped the weekend off by going to the parents to watch Entourage and the movie Junebug and relax with Cassidy.

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