So a week from Thursday I'll be partying on the beach in La Jolla. It sounds unreal, in part because I haven't been to California before, and in part because my visits to blue bodies of water are few and far in between. Legoland is out, in part because it just looks like Six Flags or Disneyworld with a different branding scheme. LA, we probably won't have time for it with the wedding, but maybe next summer. Even Street Scene we'll have to scratch off, as much as it pains me missing Snoop Dogg in concert. But at this point I wouldn't mind just relaxing on the beach for a couple days, trying to ride the surf flat, and just having some laughs. I remember in college I tore a picture from a magazine out, it was just a pic of a beach. I put it on my dorm door. It was my happy place, and centered me every time I walked into that room. Until somebody drew a stickman with a Sharpie and left a message as simple as "Hi" a few weeks later. Damn, I love the ocean.

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