Queens? More like Kings...

So how many St Louisans equal one New Yorker to the national press? Give Up? Here's the test, have a tragedy befall the people in both cities, then see where the stories are given equal play. As luck would have it, NYC is out of some electricity. Yahoo! News reporting!

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St Louis, too is out. Yahoo! News reporting! (Their outlook is just a little lower, and less grave.)

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Seeing as 500K houses are out of electricity here, I'd say the conversion is about 5 St Louisans to 1 New Yorker. Why is that? I don't know, maybe it has to do with the amount of time spent doing something OTHER than talking about the Cardinals. 80 percent of a St Louisan's time is Pujols-related, I'd guess. Like telling the joke "What do gay men and Cardinals' fans have in common?" over and over again.

-Props to fark.com where I saw the NYC/Stl link

*****EDIT: A few days later I saw a story on StL's blackout on the national evening news. NYC was back up to speed by then- apparently it just took a little ineptitude on the part of the power company to get us on top! Thanks AmerenUE, I knew you had a "masterplan" all along.

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