Beach Time!

I was all prepared to make like Daryl Doran last night. I got a call from Fudge that a friend's indoor soccer team needed fill-ins because of a 21st birthday party. So I called up my boy Geoff and headed over to the Soccerdome. I planned on hammering along the boards, dropping a few in along the top shelf, orchestrating a nice 2-3-1 from the bench (no not really). But turns out that somebody got the time wrong from an email, and we all missed the game by 15 minutes, so the whole team forfeited. Crock of shit.

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Anyway, I just played a little pointless 5-on-5 with some buddies from my first high school and then was recouperating (sad, I know) when I saw an interesting interview on Leno with some guy about princess Di. He claimed that one time she did cartwheels in a leopard print bikini for the paparazzi on top of a boat to overshadow her husband's mistress's 53rd birthday. Of course that's going to get the front cover over some meaningless birthday. Anyway, it was fitting that I saw this because I'm headed to La Jolla, California for a wedding and it just seems like crazy fun stuff always happens on vacation, and you just can't plan it. So cheers to cartwheels and birthdays and weddings. The planned stuff will be great, but I'm sure I'll end up with a great story or two when I get back.

P.S. Fudge (real name Eugene Tucker) got his story in line to be on McSweeney's front page! Congrats, man! As for what it's about, I'm not going to spoil the surprise except to say it's about Barry Bonds. Look for it in the next couple weeks. Maybe we can get it on Deadspin, although they didn't print the last link I gave them, presumably because it questioned their reporting tactics and the resumee of their editor!

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