talk about a haystack!

Thrift stores. You've all been to them, smelled the unique disinfectant on the garments, looked at the rows of pastel paintings of dogs and the piles of board games. Some of you have even bought a t-shirt or two, pulling the tag off and its universally-agreed dual staple job out. Well, let me tell you something, I'm what you'd call a conisseur of thrift stores. I don't know if a month has gone by in the past 7 or 8 years when I haven't been to a budget conscious store. Why? Because some of my best clothes have been found there. There was the brown coat with black faux fur, the rodman jersey, even my Bayless class of 93 Senior lock in shirt. I've found presents such as the jack o lantern orange shirt and a shirt that had an image of a camera with a neck strap superimposed on it.

The point is, you never know what you're going to find at a thrift store. So when I heard that the supposed "best thrift store in St Louis" was a place I'd never been, you know I was going to hit it up. Located near Northwest Plaza on St Charles Rock Road, this place was in a Latino section of St Louis. I never could find a Latin spot. Now, there was one thing the place did right, that I'd never seen done before. Separating the clothes by size! Why didn't anybody think of that sooner! No more XXXL Brett Hull jerseys from 94 to sift through. Suffice to say I scored some loot, tops among the gear was a shirt with the alphabet in sign language and a tee with bingo cards all over the belly.

PS The San Diego wrap up is posted, down two entries! It got predated because I had done a draft before I actually posted it.


cassidy said...

my best thrift store find would have to be my 3 piece "sound of music"-like outfit...it came with a GIANT dress, a jacket, and a belt, and since i turned the dress into a purse, i have a full piece brocade fabric outfit for $14 dollars!! haa

Drew said...

i like that purse!