I like to take two things that you don't think would go together and see how they mix. Heck, I even tried that gin and milk at Rachel's wedding, and it was pretty good. If you see me in my pickup truck, I'll be more likely to be playing Boot Camp Clik than Creedence Clearwater Revival. I think it all started with ice cream on my waffles.

Anyways, sometimes I come across things like this blog and I say, hey at least they're mixing it up. But rape fantasies involving Bob Villa posted next to entries on gangster rap?


cassidy said...

this old house! come over this weekend and watch it with my dad and me! haaa

Drew said...

it's kinda hard to watch after you see that somebody isn't just watching for the studs and nails and screws, they're watching it for the uhhh well you know i mean haha