Like a Pack of Wild Monkeys!

All I'm going to say about today's work is this... what separates us from monkeys is your opposable thumbs. Sorry to say, but that's it. Thank God for opposable thumbs.

In other news, I saw Little Miss Sunshine last night, and it was pretty fun seeing a wacky movie for free. But it seemed like too many people were over-laughing, like they wanted the movie to be funny. This has happened before at concerts or a play where I get the feeling people are sort of trying to be in the show themselves. Maybe it was just the lady next to me, I don't know. But it was pretty good, I think it's just been hyped a little too much.

Also, Eugene is on McSweeney's today. I sent emails to everybody, a tip to Deadspin, and even let a comment on Barry Bonds's site. Congrats man, since you're reading this you should let the world know how you feel now that you're published.


Eugene said...

I'll be at the Barnes and Noble on Manchester and Lindeman signing printed copies from 2:15-3:47.

Drew said...

hahah classic. bring a bottle of ice mountain.