Talkin Bout Girl Talk

So I'm back from San Diego, aka "Whale's Vagina" if you don't speak Spanish, and I'm going to wait to tell the story of the journey until I have all the pictures from the wedding and the beach and the parties, etc. But it went well enough that I think I'm going to plan my next trip, a little Megabus-aided jaunt to Chicago to see Ratatat and Girl Talk in September. Aside from catching DJ Shadow and David Banner performing their new song, I can't think of an act I'd rather see.* Ratatat is a couple dudes who like to make wha wha whaaa noises with guitars in lots of weird ways and put cougars in their songs and pose by Ferraris in press photos. Girl Talk is this dude who just mashes up things like Dem Franchise Boys and Weezer with Biggie and the Verve and Elton John and Elastica and Nirvana and Lil Wayne. Both I heard about through mp3 blogs, and call me late to the party, but I had no idea there were so many out there.

Anyway, speaking of internet hype, Cassidy and I are headed to see Little Miss Sunshine this week, it should be pretty funny if the internet journal globe is spot on. HA!

*EDIT: DJ Shadow, October 6th at the Pageant, just announced! Who's coming with me?
*EDIT 2: I almost said Muse instead of DJ Shadow... Now they're coming to town Sep 14! That's a badass month of concerts!


cassidy said...

um the whales vagina? im afraid i need some clarification haa

Drew said...

haha it's from anchorman, i figured it was appropriate seeing as we saw a certain will ferrell flick over the weekend...