Time is like a snake that eats its tail

Remember that part in Clueless where the stoner says something about how his kids are going to think Nine Inch Nails are nerdy and not dangerous at all? I remember hearing that and thinking, no way man, keyboards and electric guitars and screaming about slavery and rough sex will never stop terrifying people. Well flash forward to this past weekend when I plugged my iPod into my sister's comp and took a look at what she had... 90's 90's and more 90's. Beck's Mellow Gold, the first CD I ever had? Check. Ill Communication, the sound of my 16th birthday? Check. Even Blind Melon, the band that existed like a cool breeze blowing out of my brother and sister's rooms for a few years in Jr High, until Shannon Hoon bit it. Another thing in my mind was how my dad gave me a gift certificate to iTunes for my birthday, and tearing up the charts now are the usual "I'm in Love with a Stripper"-esque ditties. Are the 90's coming back like the 80's did? I don't know... But I do know that I just gave a listen to Hole's first CD and I don't remember it sounding half this good. I doubt my kids will ever like it, though... too soft for them haha.

EDIT: Here's an article today that summarizes how I feel about it. A 40 year old takes on the top 40. I guess I just took on the top 25... notice how SOS and the new Jessica Simpson song are just rehashes of the 80's. Are hip hop versions of NIN and nirvana around the corner? Well, maybe that's why I like Girl Talk. Can you hear the Elastica mashed up with the Big Boi?


rachel said...

or, time is like a snake that eats a lizard that eats the snake (see picture). clarification: i do not own a computer. (well, i suppose i do now because of community property and all, but) that was MIKE's music collection! while i do love blind melon, i'm not ready to resurrect the 90s (unlike san diego radio djs).

according to my itunes (work computer), my top 10 most played are:
~flaming lips (does this count as 90s since i saw them at wash u in 1995?)
~radiohead (same here?)
~the strokes
~bright eyes
~bedouin soundclash
~arcade fire
~jack johnson
~fabio (kidding)

i just realized that this list probably gives you even more to ridicule.

p.s. you are LUCKY you had such cool older siblings...except when neil gave mom and dad the lyrics to my downward spiral cd and they confiscated it.

Drew said...

haha don't pretend your fave flaming lips song isn't she don't use jelly and your fave radiohead song isn't creep. ok ok i guess i made a few errors... as repayment, do you want the first hole cd? hahaha and ps when mom took MY copy of downward spiral she put it in the breadmaker

rachel said...

the breadmaker?? she put mine in the top drawer of her dresser, and i wouldn't have known except that neil told me.